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Welcome to the Click Beauty Blog! My name is Iram, my job is writing for freelancing clients and general readers who are obsessed with makeup. My most favorite makeup brand is MAC.

Makeup and Beauty Blog is the main source of valid information about daily reviews of makeup products, tips, and news about beauty. It works just like an online magazine or printed makeup guide.

In the midst of more than 10 years (!) on the internet, the Makeup and Beauty Blog is running strong. It’s now one of the most popular and most well-known makeup blogs across America It’s an established player in the field of makeup reviews.

My favorite places to hang out in the online world are…Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and clickbeauty.com which is the home of the lifestyle blog I run.

Aside from all that — the amazingness cats, felines and the fun there’s a lively community here, and some of the most lovely individuals (and cats) on the internet. Your feedback isn’t just welcomed and appreciated; they’re also adored (more than 470,000 user comments up to now).

Amazing facts regarding Makeup and Beauty Blog

Thank you for stopping by and I’m hoping you’ll return in the near future.

Your local beauty addict from the neighborhood,

When I’m not on the blog, I could be found on Instagram, Facebook, Sephora, MAC, Jordy’s, Target, The Connor Claire Store or…anyplace that sells makeup!

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