Tattoo Pen vs Gun

Tattoo Pen vs Gun: Exploring the Differences

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as an art form. Most people don’t stop to think about the tools that create these intricate designs. Tattoo guns have long been the mainstay for putting ink in the skin – and for a good reason. There is a rise in the popularity of tattoos created with pens. 

This blog post will explore everything from the basics of how to tattoo pen vs gun are created to their respective advantages and disadvantages. It helps to make an informed choice when getting your next tattoo!

What are Tattoo Pens and Guns?

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Tattoo pen vs gun is an essential tool for tatting enthusiasts and professionals. Tattoo pens, also known as tattoo machines, are hand-powered devices. They used ink into the skin to create art or words of permanence. On the other hand, a tattoo gun utilizes an electric motor to vibrate the needles and inject tattoo ink into the skin.

Both require special inks made explicitly for tattoos that should be changed regularly to prevent infection or contamination. Tattoo guns and pens offer precision and deep vibrant colors, all while providing a unique, rewarding experience.

How do Tattoo Pens and Guns Work?

Tattoo pens are manual machines, usually with a motorized drive, used for free-hand artistic drawing with different needle lengths and various ink intensity levels. 

On the other hand, tattoo guns have multiple needles connected to penetrate the skin that rapidly moves in a stippling fashion, creating an evenly-toned image. 

Tattoo guns also have an adjustable needle depth so that users can choose their desired comfort level when getting tattoos.

Tattoo guns are used for larger pieces and traditional shading and coloring because they tap the skin rapidly. Experienced tattoo artists more popularly use tattoo pens. It gives them more control to create unique designs with quicker strokes and smoother shading. 

The Differences between Tattoo Pens and Guns

Tattoo guns use needles inside an open-frame motor that runs in linear motion. Tattoo pens offer more accuracy and control to the artist when drawing fine details over larger areas, whereas tattoo guns are great for quickly shading larger blocks of ink. 

Which is better for tattoos – pen vs gun?

Tattoo pens can create more intricate and complicated designs with ease. Tattoo guns use motorized technology to push a needle through the skin. It creates a more significant blur of colors than pens due to the scattering of pigment when it maps out onto the body. 

Tattoo guns are popular with heavier lines but lack the finer details that Tattoo pens can offer. Ultimately, Tattoo Pens vs. Tattoo Guns mainly differ in price point and complexity of the design. 

Pros and Cons of using Tattoo Pen vs Gun

Tattoo artist making tattoo with tattoo pen

Pros of Tattoo Pen

  1. Allows for more detailed and intricate designs.
  2. Less painful than using a gun.
  3. The process is much quieter than a gun.
  4. Easier to maneuver and control with greater accuracy.
  5. It Can be used on tiny areas of skin with precision.

Cons of Tattoo Pen

  1. Longer procedure due to having more strokes for the same design as a gun would do in one pass.
  2. Not suitable for larger designs, like back pieces or sleeves, as it can take too long and be difficult to maneuver on larger areas of skin.
  3. More challenging to clean and sterilize than disposable guns after use or can be autoclaved easily without damage.
  4. Some people may find the vibrating pen uncomfortable or irritating on the skin after extensive use. 

Pros and Cons of using Tattoo Gun

Pros of Tattoo Gun

  1. Tattoo guns are easy to use and require minimal practice to master.
  2. They produce precise lines, providing more detailed and intricate artwork.
  3. The gun’s adjustable settings guarantee a smooth and even ink application.
  4. Tattoo guns are hygienic and allow sterilized needles to be used.
  5. They can produce consistent results with little effort on the artist’s part.

Cons of Tattoo Gun

  1. Tattoo guns can be difficult to clean and prone to infection if not properly maintained after each use.
  2. With proper training, operators may be able to control the speed and depth of their machine, resulting in an inconsistent or uneven tattooing process.
  3. Overuse can damage skin tissue, resulting in scarring, inflammation, or other complications from improper application techniques or needle selection/depth settings; this is especially true for beginners.
Tattoo artist holding Tattoo gun

What’s the difference between a rotary pen and a tattoo gun?

Tattoo pens and guns are two different types of instruments used to apply tattoos onto the skin. Tattoo pens are powered by a rotating motor, making it easier for an artist to control the needle’s speed, pressure, and overall movement.

On the other hand, tattoo guns use electromagnetic coils that instruct the arrows to go in and out rapidly. Tattoo guns require more practice since they have larger strokes and move faster than tattoo pens. Tattoo guns are also heavier in weight than tattoo pens, so it can be tiring for artists to hold them for long periods. 

What is the best tattoo machine for beginners?

Your style and comfort level are crucial for beginners to determine the ideal tattoo machine. Tattoo machines, also known as tattoo guns, are typically the tried and true option for professional artists; however, many newer beginners might find merit in using a Tattoo Pen.

Tattoo Pens are lightweight and provide less tension, making them ideal for slower speeds and more intricate designs. Tattoo Guns may require a steeper learning curve but could be better suited for more experienced apprentices who plan on mastering bolder lines or mixing and shading colors.

Consider both options carefully before jumping in so that you can start your journey toward body art greatness!

What do you call a tattoo pen?

Tattoo pens, alternatively referred to as portable hand-held tattoo machines, differ from traditional tattoo guns due to their compact size, lightweight nature, and portability. Tattoo pens use high-power coils to generate electricity to vibrate the needle and insert ink into the skin. Tattoo pens require special inks specially formulated to be inserted into the skin. 

What are the 2 types of tattoo guns?

Tattoo guns come in two main types – the Tattoo Pen and the Tattoo Gun. Tattoo Pens feature a needle or needles connected to a motor, and the artist uses a hand-held engine to precisely control the depth and speed of the tattooing strokes.

On the other hand, Tattoo Guns look like regular pistols with interlocking parts that drive one powerful motor; these guns need a more substantial hand when being used as they lack some of the control offered by Tattoo Pens.

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