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Top 10 After Rebonding Hair Care Tips That Every Girl Needs to Know

Rebonding hair is an effective way to help you achieve the straight, glossy hairstyle that you’ve been dreaming of.

But it’s important to remember that rebonding also comes with a responsibility, as it involves chemical treatments that can potentially damage your hair and scalp if not cared for properly.

To maintain healthy and manageable hair after the rebonding process, follow these post-rebonding hair care tips.

1. Avoid shampooing your hair for at least 48 hours after rebounding

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After rebonding your hair, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to aftercare.

  • It is crucial to refrain from washing your hair with shampoo for a minimum of 48 hours following the treatment.
  • This delay allows the keratin conditioner used to seal and protect the hair after rebonding to set properly and ensure longer-lasting results.
  • Applying styling products after rebonding can also interfere with the sealing process. You should wait at least 2-3 days after treatment before using any styling product.
  • Taking extra care after treatment will give you healthy and beautiful-looking hair for a longer period.

2. Maintain the pH balance of your hair by using a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Maintaining the pH balance of your hair requires using mild shampoo and conditioner. Using a shampoo and conditioner that is excessively harsh can disturb the natural balance of your scalp, resulting in damaged hair and possible scalp problems.

Numerous shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals like sulfates which can strip away essential oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle.

Mild shampoo and conditioner clean dirt and oil while preserving protective scalp oils, promoting healthy hair growth.

3. Apply a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep it nourished

To keep hair looking healthy, it is highly recommended to apply a deep conditioning treatment once every week for nourishment. Deep conditioning not only heals split ends and repairs damage caused by chemical treatments, but it also imparts a lustrous shine and silky softness to the hair.

Additionally, deep conditioning can help minimize frizz and tangles so that after you style your hair, it will stay in place throughout the day. 

4. Trim regularly to get rid of split ends and damaged hair

Regularly trimming your hair after rebonding is essential for maintaining healthy, voluminous tresses. Split ends due to chemical treatment can be avoided with regular haircuts, which will help maintain the shape of the rebonded hair.

As per after-rebonding hair care advice, split ends should be cut off after every 6-8 weeks; this prevents any further damage to the cuticle layer, which is the vital outer layer of the hair. This also helps keep your look freshly styled and free from dullness. 

5. Avoid using heat styling tools on your rebonded hair 

Rebonding Hair

Maintaining your hair’s health and appearance after getting rebonded is crucial and should not be overlooked. It is imperative to refrain from using heat styling tools for post-rebonding hair care.

Too much heat after rebonding can damage the already fragile structure of your hair and make it brittle, decreasing its shine and smoothness. Instead, opt for air drying after washing, or use products like leave-in conditioner, which nourish your hair without the need for heat.

6. Do not tie up or pull back tightly when styling your rebonded hair

Pulling or tying your hair back too tightly after having it rebonded can cause breakage and complications, so it is important to be mindful of how you style it after the treatment. Try a loose updo or lightly stretch out larger curls.

It’s also important to use heat protectant spray when using any type of hot tool and to ensure that your locks remain hydrated with regularly applied conditioner. 

7. Choose natural products with fewer chemicals and sulfates while washing and styling 

One effective method is to opt for natural products that contain minimal chemicals and sulfates. This can ensure that your rebonding hair care routine will not only make your hair look good but also keep it healthy and strong.

Carrying out an after-rebonding hair care routine with natural products can ultimately lead to stronger, shinier hair with a faster growth rate after the procedure.

8. Protect from sun damage by wearing hats, scarves, or umbrellas when going outside in the sun

Wherever you go outside when the sun is out, it’s important to cover up to prevent sun damage by wearing hats, scarves, or even portable umbrellas. Sunglasses not only serve as a fashion accessory but also shield your rebonded hair from harmful UV rays that could impact its longevity.

The environment can do a number on any hair type, and regular use of these items will ensure you keep your rebonded strands in pristine condition.

9. Get regular oil massages with lukewarm coconut oil or almond oil to keep the scalp healthy 

Regular oil massages help to reduce the occurrence of dandruff, improve blood circulation in the scalp, nourish the hair roots, strengthen hair follicles, reduce split ends, prevent premature graying of hair and add shine to it.

In addition to this, they also protect against infections by keeping the scalp free from bacteria. All you need to do is massage warm coconut oil or almond oil into your scalp every day in gentle circular motions for at least 10 minutes. Your scalp will be nourished and healthy by this.

10. Drink plenty of water throughout the day for hydration and overall health benefits

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Drinking water consistently throughout the day improves physical performance, increases energy levels, diminishes tiredness, and supports digestion.

The link between adequate hydration, improved mental clarity and concentration, and reduced headaches caused by dehydration or over-caffeination has been established.

Constipation is prevented and kidney function is improved by staying hydrated, which flushes out toxins from your system.

Can I shampoo my hair after 3 days of rebounding?

Shampooing your hair after a chemical treatment like rebonding can be tricky. You want to make sure that all the chemicals and treatments used have had enough time to properly set in and produce the desired result.

Whether you can shampoo your hair after three days of rebonding depends on factors like your hair type, its pre-rebonding condition, and your care during this time.

How many days can I wash my hair after rebonding?

Generally speaking, most salons will recommend waiting 2-3 days before washing your hair following a rebonding treatment. This is because the chemicals in the product need time to set properly, and washing too soon can cause them to come undone.

It is also important for newly rebonded locks not to be exposed to water during this period as this can lead to frizzy or uneven results, which defeats the purpose of having a professional treatment done in the first place.

What should we not do after hair rebonding?

First, you should avoid using any kind of chemical products on your hair after rebonding. This includes dyes, bleaches, perms or relaxers. Using these chemicals can cause your recently-treated hair to become dry and brittle.

Additionally, you should also avoid brushing or combing your hair too often, as this can cause breakage due to the weakened bonds from the rebonding treatment.

Can I tie my hair after rebonding?

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There are only two rules when it comes to trying your rebonded hair.

  • First, never tie wet hair. Always wait until it’s completely dry before styling or putting it up in any way; otherwise, the shape of the rebonded style will be altered and may become damaged over time due to excessive heat and tension from the band or elastic holding the hairstyle together.
  • Second, avoid using tight elastics such as rubber bands since they will pull at the strands excessively and could cause breakage or split ends. 

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